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[1091] ccikpkXLjWQjGYiBEvSt
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why fighting to live if we living to die ?forget itsuicide is for weak ppl hell i know it for a fact that my life wont have any happy or good parts but what can i do i just have to live it life is way to hard you just have to take it and if you cant KILL YOURSELFnah im just joking you have to be strong get out of the house \\ go out with your friends\\ get a boyfriend \\ get a job \\ killyourself lol nah im just playin seriously though you have to go out Was this answer helpful?

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Such post are always inspiring we would prefer to read quality content therefore i pleased to find many good point here in the post, writing is great, appreciation for the post

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FN.When I'm not blogging, I'm not Invisible Woman (tho in a way I am) I am Angry Black Woman--the exact equivelent to my male counterpart, Angry Black Man.And I grew up with "priviledge"'s so not about the crumbs we get/had.

[1088] shANTQzadvxtXiceUz
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Super cute hats! Wearing lots of hats keeps life interesting. I’m pretty good at separating these different roles, but there are times when one takes over a bit too much. Happily, I got to play “mommy” for most of this weekend.

[1087] haNyFJswaAUIlDic
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So happy to find your site, as my daughter (9) has become chicken-obsessed! We have a suburban "micro-farm" in a subdivision, approximately .8 acres of land, with a homeowners' it will be quite interesting when we acquire our few chicks in the spring! Look forward to reading more of your site!


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